This Is The End (June 12th)

@cjeter @thisistheend I wish. Those guys never listen to me! — Evan Goldberg (@gravytrainevan) May 31, 2013 @cjeter @youtube @thisistheend we wanted to make a really big movie & the end is as big as it gets & a movie where actors played themselves — Evan Goldberg (@gravytrainevan) June 2, 2013

#Cosmolive with Cosmopolitan ENC Joanna Coles

@JoannaColes @Cosmopolitan @twitter #CosmoLIVE How do you stay current in a society that is always changing? @cjeter @cosmopolitan @twitter Great question! Pay attention to EVERYTHING> Uh Oh, just dropped arugula on my keyboard! #Cosmolive @JoannaColes @Cosmopolitan @twitter #CosmoLIVE When are you going to do a Cosmo live like how TMZ does a Live show? @cjeter [...]